WA Journey Ways: Manja Koorliny Bidi

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Mandja koorliny bidi (walking to a meeting place) are movements made by larger groups of people as they made their way to traditional gathering places for trading, lore, ceremony and festival. There are six season that determine where people gather:

  1. Makuru (June-July) is the season of fertility.
  2. Djilba (August-September) is the season of conception.
  3. Kambarang (October-November) is the season of birth. 
  4. Birak (December-January) is the season of young people.
  5. Bunuru (February-March) is the season of adolescence.
  6. Djeran (April-May) is the season of adulthood.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History

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Some important people and events in the past of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people before colonisation. This isn’t a complete list but it is a good place to start.
Warning: This layer contains names of people who have passed.

Aborigines Protection/Welfare Board Project (APWB)

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NSW Aboriginal reserves, missions, stations, camps and homes in N.S.W that existed during the tenure of the New South Wales Aborigines Protection/Welfare Board, 1883-1969 and Aboriginal people associated with those places.

Warning: This layer contains names of people who have passed.

Kokoda Trail

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Places along the Kokoda Trail. The Kokoda Trail was used in bitter fighting during WWII in New Guinea where Australian soldiers (notably the 2/6 independant company, a commando unit), assisted by US forces and people of Papua New Guinea, resisted Japanese forces. The Kokoda Trail is a defining moment in Australian military history, and remains a popular challenge for trekkers. It’s also known as the ‘Kokoda Track’.

Japanese POW Camps, World War II

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WWII Japanese Prisoner Of War camps come, primaril,y from a printed map ‘Japanese Prisoner Of War Camps During World War II, 1941-1945’ available at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Japanese-run_internment_camps_during_World_War_II. More detail on the Burma-Thailand Railway work camps has been obtained from Department of Veterans’ Affairs https://anzacportal.dva.gov.au/wars-and-missions/burma-thailand-railway-and-hellfire-pass-1942-1943.

ACDE Internship: The Spatial Distribution of Post-punk in Melbourne, 1977 – 1983

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Shaun Busuttil worked with Justin Munoz and Professor Rachel Fensham on a broader ACD-Engine (ACDE) project exploring cultural hotspots and local scenes in Australia and their changes over time. This maps the spatiotemporal changes of the Post-Punk music scene in Melbourne during the late 70s and early 80s which was localised, at the time, in St Kilda, Richmond, Carlton and, to a lesser extent, Fitzroy. To represent the spatiotemporal changes of the during 1977 to 1983, a multilayer TLCMap was created. Daa was scrapped setlist.fm using some custom code and also drew upon existing data sets from the ACDE project – such as AusStage and Design and Art Australia Online (DAAO).

French Expeditions

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All French scientific expeditions mapped as part of the Coral Discovery project. Mapping these voyages and providing connections to the journals kept by captains and scientific workers will help address questions about Pacific pasts, support identification of the origins of scientific specimens, and support the work of modern scientists interested in environmental baselines. Voyages mapped include:

  • 1822 Duperrey expedition, route of the Coquille.
  • 1766 Bougainville expedition, route of the Etoile.
  • 1766 Bougainville expedition, route of the Boudeuse.